Terms and Conditions

Updated: 6/28/2019 3:35 PM

Terms of the Membership:
As an SRE Travel Club member, you will be GUARANTEED savings of up to 60% on hotel rates. As an all in one travel convenience we offer other discounts on flights, rental cars, cruises, tours, activities, concerts and airport transfer services. The member exclusive discounts are more substantial with hotel bookings. As a member you will also be eligible for special, exclusive travel opportunities, at prices negotiated exclusively for SRE Travel Club members. This may include certain travel industry, non-travel industry perks, and benefits offered by SRE Travel Club. The information regarding these optional programs, products and/or services will be provided through electronic means. Therefore, you agree to receive updates from SRE Travel Club at the email address provided on your membership enrollment form.

Application for Enrollment:
You may apply for the SRE Travel Club Membership Program offered by SRE Travel Club, Inc., a Florida corporation, by submitting a completed membership application online. Submitting your application indicates your agreement with and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as listed on the member website. These are subject to change and will be published to the SRETravelClub.com website. Any amendments to our Terms and Conditions shall be effective automatically upon the date specified or, if no effective date is specified, then immediately after they are posted.

Prorated Membership Payment:
Your SRE Travel Club membership fee is prorated based on the date of your application and membership option you select. Monthly memberships are automatically billed on the first of each month. Year memberships are billed on January 1st each year.

Membership Status:
Your SRE Travel Club membership will become active immediately upon your completion of our enrollment form and SRE Travel Club’s collection of your membership fee. Your membership confirmation will be emailed to you on your enrollment date. The email confirmation will include your confirmed profile details, payment details and temporary password to the membership application. Please contact our SRE Travel Club customer service team with questions by emailing [email protected] or calling 954.404.8252 (Monday-Friday/9am to 5pm EST).

Auto-Renewal of Membership:
The SRE Travel Club monthly memberships are automatically billed on the first of each month. Yearly memberships are billed on January 1st each year. Acceptable methods of payment for your monthly membership are all major credit and/or debit cards. There is no END date for the membership and should you wish to no longer renew your membership, you are required to complete the cancellation SRE Travel Club support form to cancel your membership.

Cancellation of Membership:
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the SRE Travel Club. However, should you wish to cancel your membership you may, at any time, for any reason. Please use the cancellation SRE Travel Club support form to cancel your membership. We only ask that you provide a short reason for the cancelation to help us with any improvements we may need to address. A cancellation confirmation email will be sent to the account email address requesting that you confirm the cancellation. This is done in order to prevent any mistakes. Once the cancellation is confirmed by the member, the membership is cancelled. Please note that should the member fail to confirm the cancellation through the email we send, the membership remains active. Regardless of your membership status, any travel booked through an active membership will be honored and WILL NOT be cancelled.